The Annual Nepal AI School (ANAIS) - Spring Edition consists of series of lectures, lab sessions, and scientific paper reading/writing sessions given by invited world-class experts. The experts come from some of the world's leading research labs and Universities. These experts also include a number of alumni who graduated from the local engineering schools, and have good knowledge of the teaching methodology there and the key gaps that need to be filled. The social events (a day hiking and dinner) will provide ample opportunities for the like-minded people to network and collaborate.



In the past three Winter Editions of the Annual Nepal AI School (ANAIS) organized by NAAMII, we've welcomed over 400 participants and 55 distinguished speakers from 30+ countries around the world. For our Fourth Edition as well, we are set to invite some influential people and world-class experts from some of the leading research labs, organizations and universities.

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Pathshala Nepal Foundation

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King's College Kathmandu

The Asia Foundation

Himalaya Trading Pvt. Ltd.

ORGANIZED BY: NepAl Applied Mathematics and Informatics Institute for research (NAAMII) 


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