Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1. What expenses does the registration fee cover?

Answer: Registration fee covers the 10-day lecture sessions of Fourth Annual Nepal AI School and hiking day but does not include tea/coffee and lunch. Food coupons can be purchased in discounted rate and more information will be disseminated near the event date. 

2. Does registration fee cover travel and accommodation?

Answer: Registration fee does not cover the cost for travel and accommodation. ANAIS attendees have to cover these costs on their own.

3. For the applicants who received free registration, do they also get free travel and accommodation?

Answer: Free registration grant does not cover travel and accommodation. Unless travel/accommodation grant is explicitly mentioned, applicants who received free registration need to cover those costs on their own.

4. I work in a Company/University, but my Company/University is not sponsoring me. Will it be possible to get scholarships in such a case?

Answer: Thank you for your query. NAAMII is a not-for-profit research institute dedicated to the capacity building of the youths and the democratization of AI. It is our continuous effort to make AI education as affordable and as accessible as possible. While it is our best effort to provide as much financial support to as many attendees as possible, as a new institution, we are bound by various financial and logistic constraints.

5. I just completed my studies recently but haven't taken up any job yet. What category should I register? 

Answer: Students who have recently completed their studies, say a few months ago, and are awaiting results may be considered students on a case-by-case basis. If so, please state and justify clearly in your cover letter.

6. I am partly employed in a company and have joined a course/university. What category should I register?

Answer: If you work in a company, please register as a professional even if you have joined some course or university. If you are a startup, please register in the startup category.

7. I wish to attend the event fully online. So in that case will my registration fees be deducted?

Answer: For this year's edition, the event is being conducted fully on-site.